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The following downloadable list of resources is provided for adult members of the Pelham Elementary School community (i.e. parents/guardians, teachers, staff/administration) who are interested in learning more about sexuality and gender education and empowerment (SGEE) in general and, more specifically, as it relates to the SGEE curriculum currently being proposed for the school’s K-2 classes. Please note, however, that not all resources listed are specific to grades K-2

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Pelham Elementary PTO

May 5 ·

Thank you Representative Mindy Domb!





Mindy Domb, State Representative, 3rd Hampshire District, MA

May 5 ·

Thank you Jenny Franz president of the Pelham Elementary PTO for inviting me this past week to learn about your SGEE (Sexuality and Gender Education and Empowerment) curriculum for grades K-2 at Pelham Elementary School. Fantastic and impressive program, rooted in community need and the courage and commitment to respond to 21st century needs and issues, and to support our kids to become healthy and knowledgeable adults. I’m a big fan and I'm particularly impressed with the SGEE Club component – open to all community members – to dialogue about many of the issues covered in the curriculum. Congratulations!

I’m proud to be a co-sponsor of both H427, an act related to providing comprehensive, medically accurate, age appropriate health education in Massachusetts schools (introduced for many years by Rep. Marjorie Decker) and the Healthy Youth Act.

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